2013 Recipient

2013 G. Bruce Blair Award

Albert J. Highe PhD

        Albert Highe is an inventor driven by the desire to learn how things work. Formally, he is trained in Physical Chemistry, earning is pHd from CalTech in 1981. As a scientist and inventor, he acquired knowledge of materials science, electrochemistry, and electrical and mechanicaengineering. Albert applied his talents to the development of newmaterials, and products. Eventually 
        Albert’s interest in science and technology drew him to the hobby of amateur astronomy. Since observing his first Messier objects in 1990 with a borrowed 4-inch reflector, he has logged observations of thousands of objects using 6- to 20-inch Newtonian reflectors while discovering that no commercial telescope met all of his needs. Creating his own was a perfect opportunity to integrate his interests, technical training, and product development experience. He is best known for his unique three parallel strut reflector designs that have appeared in Amateur Telescope Making Journal and Sky and Telescope, and on the websites of manufacturers who adopted them for sale. 
        Albert has been active with TAC (The Astronomy Connection), participating in outreach, a regular attendee at Calstar and other Northern California star parties, and has been an enthusiastic mentor to anyone who wishes to pursue his designs for either personal or commercial ventures. He is also an accomplished astro-photographer and is known for his detailed observing notes on the Abell clusters and other challenging objects. 
        Most recently, Albert has written and Willman Bell published "Engineering, Design and Construction of Portable Newtonian Telescopes," arguably one of the best books on amateur telescope making to date. His research and writing has brought, for the first time, an engineers viewpoint and materials science approach to the art of amateur telescope making.

Congratulations Albert Highe