2007 Recipient

2007 G. Bruce Blair Award

Mr. Carter Roberts

Carter Roberts was educated at UC Berkeley and San Jose State University. He has been employed by the U.S. Geological Survey since 1974 and is a geophysicist working with gravity and magnetic data.

He has been to 19 total solar eclipses and also specializes in astrophotography.

He joined the Eastbay Astronomical Society in 1973 and became one of the volunteer instructors in the Telescope Makers Workshop. He has been Archivist for the society since the mid-1980s and was appointed the Historian for the Chabot Space & Science Center (CSSC). He was Astronomy Day Coordinator for the Astronomical Association of Northern California from 1985-1998, has been President of the EAS since 1988 and on the Board of the Riverside Telescope Makers Conference since 1998. He has been honored by Minor Planet (10683) Carter.

Appointed to the CSSC Board in 1994, he was very active in the Architecture Committee where he was the expert on the new Chabot site. He had made the first map of the site in 1982 did extensive mapping of trees and endangered Alameda Manzanita in 1995-6, helped with site testing and positioning the telescopes on the site. He has been very active in outreach programs for CSSC starting with the Festival at the Lake from 1989-1997 and the Chinatown StreetFest from 1993 to present.

He extensively photographed the construction of CSSC and has taken many photographs since for marketing purposes. He was also one of the most active members of the “Rachel Restoration Team” helping paint the telescopes and clean Rachel’s lenses in 1988-9 and restoring the three original Chabot Observatory telescopes and two clocks in 1999-2001.


Congratulations Carter Roberts