2003 Recipient

2003 G. Bruce Blair Award

Mr. F. Jack Eastman

Mr. F. Jack Eastman is a member of the Denver Astronomical Society (DAS), which meets frequently at the Chamberlin Observatory, near Denver. In addition to his work within DAS, Mr. Eastman is a telescope maker. As an amateur astronomer, F. Jack Eastman has attended many astronomy related conferences, and while in college was a lecturer at the Griffith Observatory, in Los Angeles. Mr. Eastman is also a continuing member of the Los Angeles Astronomical Society (LAAS), has served as LAAS president, and as a board member. He is ranked highly as an ambassador of astronomy for amateurs.

Since Mr. Eastman’s move to Colorado, he has been a part of monthly star parties held at the Chamberlin Observatory. Members of Denver Astronomical Society say Jack will set up his Clark refractor if he is in town, and remain at Chamberlin Observatory from the start of a program to its end. Mr. Eastman has been known to keep visitors informed, and entertained even when viewing is impossible. When Denver Astronomical Society pays visits to local schools, Jack volunteers his time, and equipment, and is known to impart his enthusiasm onto adults as well as youngsters.

F. Jack Eastman has been an executive board member of DAS, for several years, and has held the office of Denver Astronomical Society president. Jack has been appointed the Chief Observer of the DAS group. Mr. Eastman has been an active advisor for work on the Chamberlin Observatory’s 20 inch Clark refractor and was also appointed to the board dedicated to the observatory’s restoration.

Mr. F. Jack Eastman is a strong advocate for joining and supporting national astronomy programs. It’s through this substantial effort, and participation as an astronomer that the Western Amateur Astronomers’ are pleased to award Mr. F. Jack Eastman, The G. Bruce Blair Award, for 2003.

Congratulations Jack Eastman