1996 Recipient

1996 G. Bruce Blair Award
Dr. Ed C. Krupp

In 1996, when Dr. E.C. Krupp received the G. Bruce Blair Award, he was Director of Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles—a public observatory, planetarium, museum, and landmark known         throughout the world. By then, he had been directly engaged with enhancement of public understanding of astronomy for 26 years. He had authored eight books for adults and children (another children’s book was published in 2000), appeared in many television and radio programs, hosted a public television series on astronomy, and contributed, since 1993, a monthly column on astronomy and culture for Sky & Telescope (the column was published continuously through December, 2008).

Dr. Krupp graduated from Pomona College, in Claremont, California, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in physics/astronomy in 1966. He attended graduate school in astronomy at U.C.L.A., where he studied the properties of rich clusters of galaxies under the guidance of the late Dr. George O. Abell. Both Abell and E.C. Krupp's undergraduate advisor at Pomona College, the late Dr. Robert J. Chambers, were both well known for their commitment to public understanding of astronomy and public enthusiasm for astronomy.

By 1996, Dr. Krupp’s research had brought him international recognition as an expert on ancient, prehistoric, and traditional astronomy, and he had personally visited more than 1300 sites throughout the world (by 2011, the number exceeded 1900). He regularly led (and still leads) field study tours to remote and exotic locations that have astronomical and archaeological interest, as well as to eclipses and other astronomical events.

At the time of the award, Dr. Krupp had just embarked on the $93-million renovation and expansion of Griffith Observatory, a project he subsequently conceived and shepherded through design,  fundraising, construction, restoration, and returning the observatory to full operation in 2006.

Throughout Dr. Krupp’s career, he has worked closely with local amateur astronomy organizations to enhance public interest in the universe.

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