The G. Bruce Blair Award - 2020

An astronomy enthusiast since childhood, Bing F. Quock joined Morrison Planetarium's staff in 1973 and joined the Planetarium Lecturer team in 1975, presenting live shows using the classic Academy-made star projector. In the late '70s, he taught several semesters of Introductory Astronomy at one of City College of San Francisco's satellite campuses under Don Warren, then the head of CCSF's Astronomy Department.

From 1982-2003, he served as Morrison Planetarium's Assistant Chairman and Show 

Producing approximately 110 planetarium shows for public, school, and special event audiences during that time, as well as teaching informal astronomy classes and guiding observing sessions for Academy members and youth. D u r i n g t h i s p e r i o d , h e w ro t e t h e "Skywatcher's Guide" that appeared regularly in the Academy's quarterly magazine and which continues today, still authored by him, in digital form on the museum's website ( He also created the Academy's popular "Pocket Almanac," and since the '80s has written daily skywatching snippets under the Planetarium's byline for syndication to about 30 newspapers around the country. He has been a frequent interviewee on Bay Area radio and television, explaining eclipses, meteor showers, and other astronomical phenomena. 

From the mid-1990s to 2017, he assisted Ron Dammann as one of the principal operators of the Hume Observatory at Pepperwood Preserve in Sonoma, educating small groups of visitors with views of the night sky through the facility's instruments, which included a 6.4" Alvan Clark refractor once owned by George Davidson and "Edelweiss," a 17" Dobsonian reflector donated by Doug Berger. Bing has been the assistant Chairman of Morrison Planetarium, since 2007.